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Leather & Snakeskin: Trend in Summer 2014

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When we think fabrics in summer, we usually think cotton, linen and other such materials. However, this year you will be surprised to hear the latest trend, leather and snakeskin. No, this isn’t wrong information. This summer these materials are extremely trendy. Leather and snakeskin ruled the runways around the world, and people saw what they were offered.

Garments or accessories?

If you’re wondering how leather was used in menswear, then you must know that they weren’t just used in accessories like belts, shoes, etc. it was used to create stylish garments like vests, t-shirts, trousers, shorts, et al. Leather was used in a variety of colours, not just the typical brown and black. Colours like white, gunmetal grey, silvery dark grey, etc. were seen a lot...

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Sunglasses: One of the most Fashionable Accessories in Spring & Summer

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With the onset of spring, people are already gearing up for the sun with their lemonade, umbrellas, sun-tan lotion and swimwear. Fashion trends too are changing. Materials like cotton are now mostly in vogue. Tops are going sleeveless for women and in menswear, vests, round-neck t-shirts, shorts, Bermudas and cotton shirts are being brought out of the closets. Spring-summer accessories are also adorning shelves after a hiatus.

The year-round accessory that is important in summer

Spring-summer accessories that men use the most are hats and caps, to shade them from the sun. However, direct sunrays also harm the eyes and therefore sunglasses, an accessory that can be sported all the year round, are especially brought out to guard the eyes and set a fashion statement...

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