How Men can choose a Right Hat that can Compliment their Face Type?

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Hat is touted as one of the most useful fashion accessories ever. However, picking the right styles and designs could be the problem for many people. In order to find a right type of hat, people at first need to decide on what types of hats they look for. They also need to ascertain whether they need the hats for occasions. Fortunately, hats are available in plentiful designs at the stores, where people can make a choice between different shapes, patterns, fabrics, and colours.

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Types of hats for men

For the dressy kind of men, there are not many popular types of hats, though it does not mean they can’t put on hats like fedoras. Men need to follow some simple and handy style guidelines. All the men and women should visit some online hat stores and learn the tips and tricks to pick the best hats.


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Types of hats for short, full face

Men should obviously balance their round face with a simple hat having high crown and decent brim. It makes the men feel their face elongated and makes them look taller. However, men should avoid the idea of tilting the hat, as it may shorten their face further.


Types of hats for top-heavy face

If a man is blessed with a special prominent forehead, he should go for a simple hat that can strike a balance between the bottom and top half of his face. A hat having short or medium height and the brim rolled sideways and back will minimise the effect of top half of his face and lower it to a relative size.


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Types of hats for long, thin face

If a man has long face, their concern is to get a hat that can shorten their face appearance. A black hat having a low crown and a wide brim counterbalances the length of their face. They should tilt the hat back and little to a side.


Types of hats for square face

Men with square faces are healthier, so they need a simple hat to add curvature and soften the edges of their face. Men can go for a full hat having rounded crown, a wide brim and the medium height. They should tilt the hat to one side to lessen the contours of the face.


Types of hats for oval face

A man having an oval face is considered lucky, as with this symmetrical face they can pick all kinds of hat and be sure that it will look great. They can always do something different. Almost every hat compliments the beauty of oval face.

So, if you are looking for a hat for day to day purposes or for some occasions, these tips and tricks would surely help you find out a right kind of hat to compliment your face type.