Sunglasses: One of the most Fashionable Accessories in Spring & Summer

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With the onset of spring, people are already gearing up for the sun with their lemonade, umbrellas, sun-tan lotion and swimwear. Fashion trends too are changing. Materials like cotton are now mostly in vogue. Tops are going sleeveless for women and in menswear, vests, round-neck t-shirts, shorts, Bermudas and cotton shirts are being brought out of the closets. Spring-summer accessories are also adorning shelves after a hiatus.

The year-round accessory that is important in summer

Spring-summer accessories that men use the most are hats and caps, to shade them from the sun. However, direct sunrays also harm the eyes and therefore sunglasses, an accessory that can be sported all the year round, are especially brought out to guard the eyes and set a fashion statement. Sunglasses are being introduced in various shapes, colours and sizes. Old trends are being re-introduced and classics continue to rule. However, sunglasses in various bright colours are trending currently. Here are a few colours that are the talk of the town presently:


Bright cobalt or navy, blue is a colour that has ruled the catwalk for a long time. Men can either wear frames that are blue with regular dark lenses or they can be bold and try wearing blue tinted lenses along with the blue frames. Men usually sport this colour on boxy, large frames paired with casuals and semi-formals.

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Red aviators

Aviators with a gold frame are classic. If they suit the shape of your face, then they are the best type of frames you can ever wear. However, as colour is in, these days try sporting aviators with a red rim and red tinted lenses. The look will definitely make heads turn and set a fashion statement this spring-summer.

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As the white on white look in clothes is back, white frames will also be quite a rage this spring summer. If you are wearing a white summer suit, you can definitely try a pair of white frames that will look attractive and unique. However, make sure that the lenses are of a darker tint.

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Fashion conscious men follow trends that are seen on the runways of fashion capitals like Paris, Milan and New York, and coloured sunglasses especially ‘candy colours’ is the latest trend. So if you want to look trendy this spring-summer, you must try on coloured shades in various shapes and sizes that will suit your face and match your outfits.

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