A Few Fashionable and Practical Winter Hats and Caps for Men

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Hats have always been an important part of men’s as well as women’s wardrobe. From common people to celebrities, everybody is seen wearing different designs of hats on several occasions. They are not only meant for enhancing one’s fashion appeal but have practical usages as well.

These fashion accessories prove to be quite useful in winter season, as they protect your head and ears from chilly winter. Whether you are going on a holiday to a winter hot spot, or for an evening walk, winter hats and caps help you make outstanding fashion statement every time you go out.

Here are some classic and popular winter hats that you can adorn your head with. These hats are available in a variety of styles and designed to keep you warm in the winter season. A lot of designs and styles are also inspired from the popular Hollywood films.

  • Panama Hat – This is a traditional brimmed straw hat, originated from Ecuador, features a centre crease and made of the plaited leaves of Carludovica palmata plant. Panama hats are usually lightweight, light-coloured and breathable. According to some Panama aficionados, finest Panamas can hold a gallon of water without leaking a drop.
Panama Hat

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  • Trilby Hat – Generally perceived as a narrow-brimmed fedora, trilby represents a class of its own. A trilby has shorter brim that is slightly turned up at the back and angled down at the front, unlike the flatter and wider brim of fedoras. Traditionally, mens trilby hats are made from rabbit hair felt but these days, other materials like tweed, wool, straw, wool/nylon blends are also in use.

 Trilby Hat

  • Pork Pie Hat – This kind of hat is typically made of straw or felt and features a cylindrical crown along with a flat top. A pork pie hat is usually short, about 3” to 4” in height, and has an indentation all around its top. It was named pork pie because of its resemblance to a dish of same name.

 Pork Pie Hat


  • Flat Cap –In Scotland, this cap also goes by the name of bunnet. A flat cap typically has a small stiff brim in front and is a rounded cap. These caps are made from cotton and wool but generally, flat caps are created out of tweed and inside of the cap are lined with silk. Its origin can be traced back to 14th century, when British immigrants popularised this cap. This cap is suitable to the working environment and goes well with casual outfit.

 Flat Cap

There are several other designs and styles of hats that you can access from online hat stores. So, if you are looking for a winter hat or cap, you can buy hats online at affordable price.

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