Jazz up your Look this Christmas

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                                                    Image Courtesy: bit.ly/18ZuTtT

This Christmas, it isn’t necessary that you wear clothes that are ‘in’. Fashion is mostly about comfort. You should wear clothes you are most comfortable in and you will automatically create your own style. Many think that men don’t have enough to wear and that their wardrobe is limited but this notion is not right. Men can mix and match their clothes so as to create a huge variety to wear every season.

Christmas Wear for Men

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/JLuy5h

                    Image Courtesy: bit.ly/JLuy5h

As Christmas is in winter, they have to make sure that their wardrobe has adequate winter wear that they can mix and match to create various looks and even varieties in their signature style to suit their look. Many might think that a signature look may look boring, but a signature look defines the person and therefore their nature and persona shines through.

This Christmas you can ‘play’ a little with your signature style. For example, if you wear linen suits and are comfortable wearing only those, in winter, go for corduroy pants and a tweed jacket to keep you warm. This way, you can still wear suits but can also stay warm.

Jazz up the Casual Look

If you are a person who likes to wear jeans and T-shirts with a cardigan, then try and loosen up a bit. This Christmas, go for blazers instead of cardigans. Instead of T-shirts, you can wear printed shirts. Wear chinos to mix up your look and instead of sneakers, try sporting loafers. If you don’t like heavy coats then layer your clothing by adding jumpers and trendy yet warm jackets. And if you want to accessorise, wear a colourful scarf or muffler, smart hats and chunky and sporty watches.

Basically, this Christmas, mix it up. Wear what you are comfortable in but jazz it up a bit by adding colour to it. You do not have to follow the latest trends but you also shouldn’t wear what your dad used to wear decades ago. Stay warm and keep it stylish.

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