Hat Lovers Must visit Bridport Hat Festival

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Do you know that Panama hats originally came from Ecuador, not Panama, or the width of the ribbon hand is the only way to differentiate between a fedora and a trilby? Very few people know that.

James-black-5-510x510The band on British Panama hats has always been black since 1861. This is a symbol of respect for the sad demise of Prince Albert, who was a renowned Panama-wearer. If you are in Britain, you should know that you would find a Lady Loverley’s chatter cap nowhere in the world, except in the West Dorset market town, which is fast becoming a key location for hats and hatters.

The annual Bridport Hat Festival, which attracted around 9000 people and their headgear in 2012, is into its fourth year.

Roger, who is an engineer by profession, took his family business that was incepted by his grandfather way back in 1896. That was the time when gentlemen’s outfitters were facing harsh economic reality to survive. During that time, Roger’s grandfather had built up porkpie hats for Madness singer Suggs, stovepipe hats for American rock band, ZZ Top and Panama bowlers for David Suchet to don the looks of Poirot.


If you love the eccentricity of British celebration, you will love the Bridport Hat Festival to the hilt. You will be amazed to see everybody out there wearing hats. The festival involves music, entertainment for youngsters, lots of prizes and exquisite foods and drinks at the pubs and restaurants. Certainly, it’s the best time of year for the revellers.

Sam-brown-3-510x510A lot of designer hats displayed at the festival mesmerise completely mesmerise you. If you love the battered boater, you will be flummoxed to find a better design in the form of 46 year old Akubra bush hat from Australia. This hat is said to be the Rolls Royce of hats.

Apart from all the craziness, the Bridport Hat Festival is equally proud of its serious side. For the first time in the 4 years of this festival, the leading hat makers are contemplating on the collaboration with the Festival committee for booking the trade stands. Several industry movers and shakers, who have attracted international attention, are certain to return to the festival, this year.

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